Compassion, empathy, and respect are known as weaknesses.

They aren’t.

They are weapons against the worst forms of ourselves.

Overcome yourself, or you will never overcome the worst in others.


4 thoughts on “Weapons

  1. It’s always been my experience that training and knowledge of self enable dispensing with weapons of any kind. Kindness, compassion, empathy, and respect become expressions of self that create a way to put away weapons and truly resolve conflict. But that training always involves facing the darker parts of our selves – because the compassionate part took that darkness so the rest of us can live in light. You can’t show the world a compassionate face until you free that part of yourself from the dark it holds for you.

    Maybe that’s just me…

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    1. If I understand you correctly, I think I would agree! In order to show others compassion, you have to feel free to receive compassion yourself and resolve the needs that keep you self-focused so that you *can* look outward to show love and respect to others.

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