A brief update on my mom

Hello again,

I’m sorry that I don’t have much time to create “real” posts this week. As I mentioned in my last post, my mom went in for major surgery on Tuesday, so our family has been putting together what time we can to go visit her at the hospital (where she’ll be til at least Friday). I wanted to give you a brief update on how that went and, honestly, ask for prayer:

The surgery went very well, though it was more extensive than originally planned. They went in for one thing and ended up finding an additional thing in the process: a “borderline tumor.” The initial, “frozen” pathology report suggested that it isn’t cancerous, but we have to wait for the full pathology report to confirm that. In the meantime, my mom is adjusting to 90 staples in her stomach and all the ramifications of that.

…So I would just really appreciate prayer that we receive the pathology report back soon, and that the tumor is completely benign. And that my mom’s recovery goes really, really well (she actually got up and walked today, which I’m not sure she was quite ready to do, but she did! So hurrah!).

Thank you!



12 thoughts on “A brief update on my mom

  1. Nikki

    Oh, I am so sorry to hear this! But thankful the surgery went well! We will be praying for a speedy recovery for your mom, support and love from those around you, and peace for you all as well! I know this is a stressful time. ❤

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