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Beautiful thoughts from my sister-in-law, who is serving a short-term medical mission in Philadelphia.

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Everywhere I go today, I know there will be people. Particularly here in an urban setting, humanity is inescapable and that can make it seem ordinary – commonplace even. And perhaps because of this, it is all too easy to lose sight of the beauty, wonder, and complexity that is bound up in another human existence.

 In the past year, I began my formal medical education and in this process I have frequently found myself in awe of the intricacy of the human body. Our bodies are a continuous whirling dance of precisely timed and choreographed chemical reactions occurring in inextricably intertwined organs that work in concert to the tune of complex rhythms and steps.

 And while all of this is beautiful and profound, we are so much more than our chemistry. As elegant and convoluted as our chemistry may be, it seems minor in complexity when placed alongside the…

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God is Love

“Real love is a fierce and interfering force that refuses to see others hurt, even by themselves.” Well said. Thank you, Mitch.

Mitch Teemley


1 John 4:8tells us 

“God is love.” 


if we do not act out of love

we do not act for God.


Note: This should never be perceived as passiveness or sentiment. Real love is a fierce and interfering force that refuses to see others hurt, even by themselves.

May your days be full of God.

Cosmic presence

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