Contest Time Once Again: Flash Fiction

If you love flash fiction (I do!) and want to promote your blog, this is a fabulous opportunity! Thanks, Kayla Ann!


That’s right, you heard me! I am hosting a third contest through my blog!

In October 2017, I hosted a Poetry Contest that was not only a success but also a ton of fun! I got to meet amazing poets from around the globe and enjoy their work. In December 2017, I held a Blogmas Contest that really encouraged bloggers to interact with one another.

Now, I am hoping to connect with some writers (poets or no; new or old followers) who are ready to write some Flash Fiction!

What is flash fiction? It is a story told in 100 words or less. Some of the most poignant stories can also be the shortest. One of the most famous works attributed to Hemingway is a six-word short story:

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Doesn’t that just send chills up your spine?

Here is a sample of my flash…

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Thanks to sgracida for raising more awareness about this horrific issue in Lebanon that *needs to be* addressed!

Samuel Gracida

Signing petitions is an easy way to fight modern slavery. This petition is to create pressure for Lebanon to “repeal laws that enable convicted rapists to marry their victims to avoid punishment. As well as the horrors endured by victims, this law means many women and girls where these laws exist are then forced into marriage against their will.” 


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