What does it take to convey comfort?

“What makes you passionate about blogging?”

This is a short post to answer the question posed me by the Liebster Award nomination instructions. I decided to separate this part of the deal out as a proper stand-alone post.

I’m passionate about blogging for a couple different reasons:

  1. I blogged *endlessly* through high school and college. The platform I used, Xanga, is now totally defunct; thankfully, though all my images and even some original music I had posted was lost when the site went under 😦 , they sent me a (very jumbled) archive of all my posts (just text, no media). After all my stuff went kaplooey, it was hard to start up again… I made many, many failed attempts. I just couldn’t enjoy it again for a long time. Part of it, I think, was figuring out what exactly my voice *was* after all this time. Which leads me to my second reason for blogging now:
  2. This is a place where I can finally set my voice free, no holds barred. I can discuss what I want to discuss, however I want to discuss it, and trust that if people read what I’m thinking, it’s because they *want* to. It’s not because they’re related to me or had it pop up in their Facebook newsfeed and now they can’t un-see it. I can be seen and heard and appreciated for what I care about–and, honestly, what I care about can often be some pretty tough stuff. But this blog is the manifestation of me finally giving myself permission to share it with the world–whatever “it” is–without fear, shame, or humiliation.
  3. This freedom I feel to blog about the stuff that REALLY matters to me is an outworking of my faith enabled by the counseling I’ve received and all the psychological healing I’ve experienced in the last half-dozen years, especially in the last year. Because I have been so blessed, I feel an intense desire for others with similar backgrounds or issues to experience the same thing. I want to be a resource to them, to provide comfort as well as I can–
  4. And I especially want to be a bridge between them and the rest of society. I spent so much of my life in the dark, on the margins, feeling decidedly unwanted and unvalued. The enmity I felt toward the rest of society was very destructive; the lack of compassion, attention, and understanding I often received from others, wittingly or not, was also destructive. So many of us are caught in this cycle, on one side or the other, and it’s brutalizing our culture. We can stop it. I want to help.

And that’s why I blog.